Remote work

Illustrating daily work from home

We have created this little illustration project during the Coronavirus outbreak, as so many people have been forced to work from their homes.

At Ouba, we are used to working remotely, so we illustrated in a cheeky way, how our houses can be transformed into offices, and how our normal routines can be translated into “work language”.

Illustration 1/3 : “Market research”

From our perspective, market research can be done while reading the newspaper in the most quit spot in your house.

Illustration 2/3 : “Client meeting”

Client meetings can be a real stress, but in your house, you can have the longest call meetings while doing your hobbies!

Illustration 3/3 : “Concept building”

To end, concept building requires concentration and stress-free mind. Some of us can find that while doing laundry 👖👚

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