our story

OUBA's story

Deciding to start our own agency was the start of one of the most challenging but fulfilling things we’ve ever done. And once we'd decided to make that brave leap, the questions to answer seemed never ending. Why will our agency succeed? What will we call it ? Who will our agency work with? And one of the hardest questions since our team members are based in Morocco, Turkey, Spain and Belgium is : How can we work most effectively?

For us, OUBA Studio was born out of a desire to assemble the team which already has the habit of thinking together, working from distance and mostly challenging our capacities.

Today, OUBA Studio works with clients from all around the world with a team from all around the world!


Meet the makers, the coders, the lorem ipsumers, the fearless masterminds that make up OUBA Studio.

Imane Ouchair

Ouchair Imane

Founder / Creative Director
Bakir Mohammed

Bakir Mohammed

Photographer / Videographer
Abdellah Aboulhamid

Aboulhamid Abdellah

Branding specialist
Cherifi Mohammed

Cherifi Mohamed

Chief Technology Officer
Hicham Bekkali

Bekkali Hicham

Digital storyteller